2015/16 Europa league group stage more battle for the first day, Liverpool's 1-1 draw at bordeaux, rana was levelled after break the deadlock. Tottenham 3-1 win at home, the new signings cloth Min brace. Later other events alert in detail.

Group B, Liverpool's 1-1 draw at bordeaux. Liverpool in the 2006/07 champions league double bordeaux, the college football jerseys ligue 1 giants in the history of European team home game against England in 2012, only 5 times to win at Newcastle. But Liverpool nearly five European away 1 negative, have 4. youth college football jerseys Rogers rotation 8 people, the library in the premier league college football jerseys cheap is suspended, mourinho starting line-up, only he lai, gomez and emre - jan at first. Bent, your players, milner, klein and Scott did not list into the game with the team.

The bridge passing, library moutinho column wide wide outside the edge of the area. Emre overhead kick - jg corner melee be confiscated. Bordeaux came close to scoring 11 minutes, send direct passing hartz, an offside trap diego - Roland small edge of the area a little higher than that of single pole into the goal. Missed opportunity again after the home game worn college football jerseys team 7 minutes, morris - Mr Lai box on the left side of the back, in 12 yards left foot, college football jerseys for sale the ball rub a right-hand post.

Chloe toure 18-year-old teenager qi rivera on injured, who made his Liverpool debut. Plug after victor 25 yards free-kick direct shot narrowly deflection was he confiscated. Then diego - Roland edge of the area within a shot wide of the mark. Hartz breakthrough to the edge of the area is shot into his lai. Liverpool came close to scoring before half-time, but library moutinho volley from 25 yards blemish in the left column. The second half still deadlocked. Library moutinho passing, pull the rana area on the left side of the shot was Carla rope best college football jerseys saved. Bordeaux 63th minute wasted opportunity again, morris - Mr Lai the top left corner of the six-yard box shot was his attack force to stop, kerry waley the box in the face of an empty net to the ball in the left column. Liverpool's 65th minute break the deadlock, moreno passing, "rana ball low points after pablo 12 yards at the bottom right.

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